5 Good Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Your dissertation in marketing can be difficult to take on, but you can start getting through it with a few base topics for you to work with. Another thing that can assist in getting through your dissertation is your proposal.


The proposal is good for getting you to the stage where you’ll write your dissertation, but you can also use it to work on your dissertation. It’s basically a fleshed out version of your outline for the dissertation. If your proposal was approved upon, then your dissertation should be easier to tackle. You’ll can simply use the proposal as a map to your dissertation or better yet use the outline for your proposal to work from. The outline of your proposal works well as it is more straightforward than your proposal.

5 Topics

There are many marketing topics you can use for your proposal. Marketing is a broad subject to write on, so the topics below are general topics that you’ll need to research to find what you need for your dissertation. Every topic has some issue that you can tackle, some issues may be harder to identify than others, but they’re there.

The main thing you want to do with your dissertation is to find a problem that can be tackled. The purpose of any essay is to establish an issue or observation and provide insight on. A dissertation is quite different from other essays In that you will state your research, readings, and findings topping everything off with a conclusion. This sums up everything and oversimplifies a dissertation, but it’s the essentials of what you’ll have to tackle.

Your best bet would be to look at your marketing field overall and find something to take on. If not that, then use your course-specific textbooks and look around for something that you could see yourself pursuing in your field. Ideally, you’ll want to do this as early as possible instead of waiting later and later. You’ll have more than enough time to tackle your dissertation in marketing so you should find something to do your dissertation on easily.

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