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MBA is quite an important degree for students who are looking to work in the corporate sector. It is the next level to the graduation and so it the complexity. You cannot simply earn a master’s degree without putting your best efforts. You need to dedicate your time and attention to the dissertation in order for it to get approved by the dissertation committee. You need to remember that the dissertation committee members are professionals who receive numerous dissertations each year. They need to have an impressive paper to approve it. Unlike the thesis you do not need to carry out the entire research on your own and develop your own ideas and hypothesis. You have to collect various published material on the subject under concern and analyze it and synthesize it in your own way. You need to create a new conclusion for the existing material. This is not going to be as hard as the thesis. However, you need to face the committee members with confidence and the attitude that you are proud of your work and you know it by heart. If they ask you questions about the research methodology or the citations, you do not need to get worried. They will obviously want to make sure this is your original work and hard work. You need to face them with confidence. This is very important to get your paper approved

It is very important to remember that the dissertation paper is an academic assignment that needs to be written in a formal style and must follow the standard format for your paper. The teacher at your university must have given you instructions for how your paper should like. This will help the teacher and you both in saving time as you will know where to find each section in your paper

You must remember that the dissertation should not be a copy from someone else. You need to incorporate your original ideas and conclusions. It is a good idea to check your paper with software to see the plagiarism in your paper. If the software detects the plagiarism in your paper then you need to rephrase and edit your paper for that specific portion

It is very important for the entire paper to follow the same direction. You can do this by writing the body first and the conclusion and introduction in the end

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