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At any one time, there are thousands of students just like you who are working on their abstracts for their dissertations and are struggling with it. Unfortunately, this is a normal occurrence, and cannot be avoided entirely unless you hire someone else to do it for you. Fortunately, you can do that. If you have wondered about whether hiring an expert for your abstract is a viable option, then you are in the right place.

How to Find a Great Dissertation Abstract Example

The best way to find an example is to know exactly what you are looking for first. Once you know that you can narrow down your search for the perfect example considerably. Write down the answers to these few questions below, and then use them as criteria in your internet search for doctoral dissertation abstracts examples:

  1. What field is your dissertation in?
  2. What is the specific topic or issue you are focusing on?
  3. Do you want your dissertation to have a particular tone or mood to evoke emotions from the reader about the topic at hand?
  4. How has your research changed or reinforced your original topic idea?
  5. In your mind’s eye, what does your vision of your completed dissertation look like?

When you have this list completed, you will better be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Doing this beforehand will save you a lot of time and will enable you to progress more smoothly in your abstract writing.

Using Dissertation Abstract International

This is an organization that publishes around 95% to 98% of all doctoral dissertations in North America. There have been monthly issues of the dissertations abstracts international (DAI) since 1988. A typical issue for each entry or dissertation includes the name of the student’s advisor, the committee chair’s name, and other relevant information. Also published are the author’s name and their abstract, typically a 350 word piece written by the author. This organization is considered to be the standard in North America by which students submit their dissertations for publication.

Dissertation Abstract Examples from Real Students

Another way to get an example is to ask your professor for the abstract of a past student of his. If he chooses to share with your or the class why this is important and how much you can learn from old dissertations. Usually you can also find that works are published online for everyone to see and to take advantage of ni their own dissertations. This way, you are not simply receiving a guideline or some more rules about how it must the written; but instead, you would receive a real dissertation that someone recently handed in.

Try taking this route if you are feeling stuck or cannot progress forward in any other way, and endeavor to succeed. If you think you can, you know you can; let that quote be your personal motto during the entire time you are working on your dissertation; it will help to uncover the hidden gems writing within your mind as well as giving your dissertation a coherency and flow that it did not have before.

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