The Process of Brainstorming Dissertation Topics in Education

Have you ever sat down thinking, “Writing a dissertation paper can’t be that bad. I have the knowledge in my head so I’m sure it’s as easy as any other paper I’ve had to write in college.” Get up, go to the mirror, and slap some sense into yourself because you’re in for a dozy. A dissertation paper requires time and attention to detail and that’s once you’ve determined what topic you want to write about. If you’re aiming to write a dissertation within the field of education, here’s a few ways to help with the process of brainstorming dissertation topics in education.


There are programs and exercises designed to help you come up with creative ideas by stimulating your brain. Because you’re knowledgeable about the educational field, there’s a strong chance you have a boatload of great topic ideas but you can’t get to them because your brain isn’t stimulated. Try these activities out and you may have the perfect topic in mind with five minutes.

Education Dissertation Samples

Find dissertation paper samples that had topics focused within the educational field. These samples will give you an example of what your dissertation should look like and also get you thinking about the presented topic and others that could stem from it. Samples are a great source for any of your dissertation concerns, including the brainstorming process.

Discussion Groups

You’re not the only person in this field of study so whether you decide to join a discussion group online or get some of your classmates together, discussion groups are a great way to stimulate your brain enough to pick a great topic. The process of bouncing ideas off of one another or maybe simply discussion popular trends or even worries about the direction of the field of education will inspire you a topic out of you.

Find Your Passion

The last brainstorming process presented in this guide is actually the most important. In anything you do, especially something as important as a dissertation, you must be passionate about the topic. Sit down and list some areas or topic within education that you feel most passionate about. Then do some light research into each and eventually you’ll know which topic is going to bring out the most passion from you.

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