Brainstorming ideas for your creative writing projects

The best way that you can find ideas for a writing project is to look at everyday life; what do you enjoy on a regular basis, or what do you see other people enjoying? If you notice that there is an activity that interests you, for example if you notice some runners along the side of the road, you could use that as a starting point for a short story or other creative writing form. From your initial idea, you could expand on that to include specific characters involved in the run or marathon, loosely based off of people that you know or people from movies.

Creative writing is very subjective and it can be hard to know where to start if an idea doesn't come naturally to you. Often you will find that you can have an amazing dream and write a great story from it and then after that have no ideas or inspiration at all for months; it can come and go to even the best writers.

Try Your Hand at Creative Writing Exercises

One of the ways that writers can stretch their skills and practice their craft is to look up exercises for creative writing. Sometimes these will be prompts, questions, challenges, or other forms of exercises. You can often find dozens of these online for free, and a lot of them are very useful in helping you hone your craft and making you a better writer.

As with every skill, practice makes you better. If you want to get more ideas for creative writing, the key is to simply write more. Write about anything; even random things that might never see the light of day, as long as it gets you writing. When you are able to push aside your own inner critic the freedom of possibilities for writing are endless.

Start by taking some time to figure out why you like writing in the first place. If you can identify why you want to write, then that could give you some ideas. For example, if you want to inspire children to read more, then write books about child protagonists who appeal to the age group you are aiming for. Or if you have a skill, such as being a medical doctor, you could write about your field or involve your knowledge of the human body in a thriller novel.

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