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Subprime Lending

Bankruptcy filings and foreclosures are reaching record numbers across the cities in the United States. In addition to this add the rising number of unemployment rate and the stability of a once flourishing economy seems far fetch in the immediate future. Many dreams now paralyzed, especially when talking about home ownership. The subprime lenders now gain the attention of many analysts. One thing that is certain, people demand answers, which may lead to procurement of legal counsel with hopes of a victory. Consumer plaintiffs are already at a slight disadvantage. Subprime guidelines deem them as high risk borrowers with poor to no credit history. Many in this group became victimized through higher interest rates, increased fees associated with a loan, and limited knowledge of true cost of the transaction (Houlihan, 2007). Despite the utilization of standard application forms and guidelines for qualification, the process in which this information is gathered by various loan originators is still viewed as a separate financial transaction. This further complicates the matter making it difficult to measure the effects of predatory lending by many subprime lenders. This hurdle may be associated with lower filings from consumer plaintiffs than initially anticipated. Corporate stockholders have filed an increase higher number of law suits against subprime lenders. Desiring to recover from damages as a result of false record keeping to promote misleading value of company stock prices, states (Houlihan and Smith, 2007) Lenders feeling the pressure to meet and exceeds performances measured on Wall Street through earnings reporting periods, should not easily be excused misleading shareholders. Let’s face it who could ever forget the Enron scandal on shareholders, which at the time was one of the largest company bankruptcies in American history.

Even if both plaintiffs and corporate stockholders are able to successfully plead their claims it may prove to be difficult collecting the full extent of their damages with subprime (Houlihan and Smith, 2007).


The unemployment rate has doubled since recession has been acknowledged in December 2007. It is estimated that it will stay between 9%-10% through 2011, even though the recession is over. (Amadeo, 2011). This is affecting many attributes to our overall economy.

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