How to Manage your PhD Thesis Supervisor?

After intermediate studies, students have to do research project to accomplish their degrees in graduation, masters, m-Phil, PhD and post Doc. There are some set principles of writing research work or thesis of higher level degree education. Every student has to follow these set principles which are defined by some higher and standardized educational authority. Students need to follow a format and rules for writing their thesis. Generally students are unaware of these rules and principles or they have poor understanding of the importance of these set format and styles for thesis writing. There is an authority assigned to you for your guideline in preparing your thesis known as supervisor. You have to submit your thesis under the supervision of your supervisor. The supervisor assigned to you most probably belongs to your department or university and the person who is appointed to take your viva is most probably an external examiner or supervisor. During all your research time period you have to report to your supervisor about your thesis work. If he/she approves the work done by you then you will be able to move on and continue your work. Supervisors are also supposed to provide you the complete understanding and guideline about your research paper or thesis. At times, supervisor makes you feel threatened and irritated by his/her over demanding attitude. Some supervisor are very compulsive in nature and they want you to work perfectly and in time and they keep you busy in revising your work, re-reading it, rewriting it and editing it time and again unless it fully meets the criterion set for PhD thesis otherwise supervisor rejects your work and asks you to do it again. It is very necessary to develop a good coherence and lucidity with your supervisor during your whole thesis time period. This article will provide you with few key points and by following them you can develop good rapport with your supervisor which will help you doing your thesis comfortably. Following are the key points:

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