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Your dissertation is designed to be something that adds a new piece of information to the knowledge pool. You will be expected to do research and write a paper that will be added to that list of scholarly resources for generations to come. Your dissertation paper is much like a thesis paper. It is where you will study a topic and make a conclusion. This conclusion will be backed up with solid evidence.

The first step in the process is to write a dissertation proposal. This dissertation proposal needs to be proved by the committee. It is considered one of the hardest parts because getting your dissertation proposal approved may take more than one try. Don’t be discouraged. This is for a reason. The committee wants you to be able to write a successful dissertation and if you choose a topic that is too broad or too narrow, you will struggle to find supporting evidence or to narrow the facts down into a succinct paper.

Coming up with a topic and developing your thesis statement will take a little time and preparation. You will have to start researching topics before you actually get to the point of actually writing your thesis.

Here are some quick steps to follow to get you started.

Be sure to take solid notes that always refer to the source in which you found the facts. A great way to organize your ideas and take notes is by using index cards. The back of the card can list the resource information. The cards can be placed in an outline format and then they can be easily moved around to different sections. It will prove to be a lot easier in the compilation stage and actual writing of your paper. Good luck.

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