What Are the Secrets of Successful Dissertation Proposal Defense

The moment when you stand in front of your professors and your peers to deliver your dissertation defense can feel like the most nerve wrecking moment of your life. There may be many other factors that add to your nervousness but one of the best things you can do to counteract it all is to prepare thoroughly well in advance. Here are some of the secrets to crafting and delivering a successful dissertation proposal defense.

A great topic

Your dissertation defense proposal is supposed to convince the people on the supervisory committee that your work should be allowed to be completed. You therefore need to have the right topic in mind. Give yourself enough time to come up with the best possible ideas and sort out the impractical ones from among them. When you have the best possible option you can write your proposal to suit.

Excellent Public Speaking Skills

While the proposal will need to be handed in to all members of the committee in advance, being able to deliver it well in person will make it seem far more impressive. If you are unaccustomed to public speaking, this is a good time to brush up on your skills in front of a mirror. You should make a list of any questions you are likely to be asked and practice answering them as well as possible.

A well put together slide show

Speaking well is an excellent start but it helps to back up your oral presentation with a visual display in the form of PowerPoint Presentation. If for some reason you are unsure how to construct the presentation at least remembers these things:

A second opinion

Finally, once your dissertation proposal is complete, ask someone else what they think of it, preferably someone in the same field of study and at the same level or higher. They may see aspects of it that are problematic that you have previously overlooked. They may even warn you of mistakes they have been penalized for so that you get to learn from them.

Your dissertation proposal defense need not be an anxiety inducing affair but if anything goes wrong and you need to repeat it, try to maintain your peace of mind. You only need to come back stronger the second time around.

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