4 tips on how to write a simple dissertation abstract

Writing a dissertation abstract is known to be a challenge for many students. This is likely the most problematic section for your project because it serves multiple purposes. You are expected to explain the purpose of your research and what you found in an informative compelling manner. This is one of the first pieces of information readers will see when they come across your work. You need know main points to include and how to make them grab reader’s attention. The following tips can help you understand which pieces of information are most significant to help you write a simple dissertation abstract.

  1. What details are essential for a dissertation abstract? You need to know basic information essential to your subject matter. This may vary depending on what your school requires. The problem, purpose and hypothesis may be mentioned. When you have concluded and recommendations may also be mentioned. The idea is to include significant information about your findings in a limited amount of space and words.
  2. What will help readers decide on why they should read it (identify purpose and problem)? You will simply state why you did the work in the first place. This will help readers understand the significance behind the work and learn quickly what the issue is at hand. This is an important element you need to include as it helps readers decide on whether they should continue reading your paper.
  3. Who participated in your study and who is the intended audience? You may not be required to identify people who directly took part in your study. But, your audience may be interested in learning about groups of people or type of people that took place in your study. This helps lay a foundation and setting for the work that is set to follow.
  4. What are your recommendations and what did you find that others should know about? This is another element that will attract readers to your paper. You need to present your findings and/or what you recommend based on what you have learned. This is your way of making a contribution others will find useful related to your field of study. You may consider mentioning a related statistic but this content can help your abstract stand out to more readers grabbing their interest firsthand.

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