Understanding How to Write a Successful Introduction to a Thesis Paper

A thesis is a long paper to have to read through. The person considering your paper will want to be sure he or she should really take on such a project by first looking at your introduction. If it’s not written well, or fails to fulfill its communicative purposes, you run the risk of losing your reader’s attention early on. For this reason, we have given you some pointers as to what you should be paying attention to when writing a thesis introduction.

The space to fill

A thesis introduction should be three paragraphs long. This is enough space to tell your reader everything that is necessary to tell. The point is to whet the appetite without satisfying the stomach. You do this by telling your reader your intentions, without going too deeply into your methods.

Don’t ask. Tell – The mentioning of your statement

The statement is sometimes presented in a problem format—such as the problem of crime in a certain part of the city. Other times, it will be a simple report—such as how a person became famous.

Confusion sometimes comes in when you pose a question. Your introduction can contain a question, but it should be clear that you already know the answer and that you aim to prove it. When posing the question in your introduction, always tell the reader that the answer has been made obvious to you, and that you will now aim to make it obvious to them too.

Something to prove – Telling the reader your intent

Again, the reader needs to understand your intentions. You know the answer to a pertinent question and you also know how to prove that answer right. Now, your intention could be some of the following:

Whatever your intention, make it known to your reader. Keep your lips sealed about too much methodology as that would be considered a spoiler. Give your reader a general direction and keep them reading if they want to find out more.

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