Psychology Dissertation Topics: 10 Mental Disorders to Write On

Mental disorders are some the most interesting topics for psychology dissertations, because there is plenty of peculiar cases you can explore to create with a good paper. The best thing, however, is that no matter how much people learn about the subject of mental illness, there is an ocean of information that remains unexplored. Thus, you have plenty of room to build theories that can turn out to be truly effective.

Here is a list of ten most interesting mental disorders that can be used as topics for dissertations:

  1. Depression.

    This is probably the most common mental disorder diagnosed in the U.S. You can focus your paper on identifying the reasons behind this phenomenon.

  2. Autism.

    Different types of this disorder are rather common. However, very little is known about it. You should do some thorough research and study a few cases in order to gather some valuable information for the paper.

  3. Bipolar disorder.

    There are several treatment techniques for this condition. Some of them are rather radical and are only performed in a limited number of countries that aren’t particularly concerned with the patient’s safety during the surgery. Focus your paper on these medical strategies and determine how dangerous they truly are.

  4. Dissociative identity disorder.

    This condition is recognized as a neurological disorder by some states, but the law views people suffering from it in a very strange way. You can try to determine whether the people with dissociative identity disorder can be truly aware of their actions and therefore judged by the court as sane citizens.

  5. Separation anxiety disorder.

    The vast majority of people suffer this particular disorder in mild form. However, some take it to such extremes that it turns into mania that makes them commit heinous crimes. You need to determine whether these cases can be prevented.

  6. Anorexia.

    Analyze the effect of popular culture on this particular eating disorder. Do models promote anorexia?

  7. Erectile disorder.

    List the known causes of this problem and try to come up with an effective solution.

  8. Sexual sadism and masochism.

    These sexual disorders have been known for centuries. Try to determine what exactly makes people crave these extremes during the intercourse.

  9. Antisocial personality disorder.

    Explain when being introverted turns into being antisocial. How severe can these cases be? Is there an effective therapy course that can help people suffering from this condition?

  10. Nightmare disorder.

    Identify the causes of nightmares and analyze the ones that are common to different groups of people. Track their origins to understand how they evolve when a person matures.

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