Who Can Help You Choose Nursing Dissertation Topics

If you have decided to write a dissertation in nursing, then your next step would be to decide what topic you want to write it on. This is easier said than done because:

It is no easy task taking up the assignment to write a dissertation, but it is important to know where to begin and who can help you on your way. This article will guide you to choosing a nursing topic and who you can approach for help


You always tend to forget that you have a professor on campus who specializes in your field of choice and you can always approach them with doubts. This should be your first go-to person when you are stuck and don’t know how to go about completing (or even starting) your research.


Apart from your supervisor, you can go to other professors who will be more than happy to help you out with whatever queries you need addressed. In so doing, they also learn from you and you grasp essential knowledge from them as well. Do not underestimate the power of university professors, even if they’re not experts in your field of study. You will be surprised how much they know about your field of choice.


You think librarians only stock books? Librarians know where you can find anything as long as it was written down by someone at some point in their lives. Librarians are one of the most resourceful people alive today. They are more like a walking and talking version of the internet! Go to them first before using the internet and you will be happy that you did so.


As a last resort, type out your question on Google and wait for it to respond. Internet is useful, but when it comes to dissertation writing, it is important that you don’t rely completely on it. So doing will hamper your grades and you will end up regretting using the internet at all.

All in all, learn to use all the resources you can use in order to decide on your topic. The most resourceful tool is people and not the internet. People will guide you through what they look for in a dissertation; the internet just vomits information.

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