Your Dissertation Proposal Should be Really Solid

Your thesis proposal acts as a road map to guide you towards the destination of your thesis project. It is the first picture of research that represents what your project is going to be. From this, you can easily estimate the power of thesis proposal. The success of your project depends on it because thesis starts when your proposal is accepted. So, it should be solid and persuasive enough to not get the rejection at least.

Representative of quality of your idea:

Thesis proposal is not something to be taken for granted. It reflects the originality and solidarity of the idea of your research. So, build it thoughtfully and passionately. Make sure that you have considerable knowledge of the area that you are choosing to work in.

A way to Assess expertise:

Proposal of your PhD project in many ways is assessment of your expertise on the approach you are using. When going to present it to the body of judges, you will be questioned and often, criticized too on the method you chose to apply. So, you must have a strong justification as well as robust grasp on the methodology chosen. It contributes well to the solidarity of your proposal.

Picture of your knowledge:

Thesis proposal is the picture of your knowledge. At the first place, your choice of the topic will reflect the efficacy of your thought. Secondly, the method that will be chosen accordingly will be the source of your judgment. So, overall, there is a lot at stake. Never state any school of thought without having an adequate knowledge of its principle philosophies. Everything you write should be concrete and in the arena of your knowledge.

thesis statement should be Explicit:

Thesis statement is one statement that builds the foundation of your whole thesis. It should be very clear and should truly illustrate or portray your thesis.

Contain fictional agenda/schedule:

Thesis proposal should be planned such that it can be modified as the research goes on. It shouldn’t be too hard to face any change.

Should have contingency:

A true research is unpredictable. But, the proposal is supposed to represent that failure to find the proposed finding is unlikely, though there are chances. It doesn’t prove that it cannot fail.

The above facts reveal the importance of proposal of a PhD thesis. Do not neglect a single weakness of your proposal and do not also miss a single strength of it.

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