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Writing a doctoral dissertation is not an easy task and requires professional assistance. In this write-up, I have included some key points in writing a doctoral dissertation.

The chapter and contents headings as listed below are suitable for a few theses. In some cases, one or 2 of them could be irrelevant. Results and Discussion are sometimes combined in many chapters of a thesis.

Think about the plan by which you want to include chapters and judge what's best to report your work. Then list it in point form, of what you are going to enter in every chapter. Try and make it rather carefully, in order that you finish up with a listing of points that refer to sub-paragraphs or maybe to the paragraphs of your thesis.

At this stage, think about the logic of the presentation. If you create a concept of every chapter and section before you sit right down to write, the result can most likely be clearer and easier to read through. It'll even be easier to put in writing.

Copyright Waiver

Your institution may have defined the form for copyright. In any case, this page provides the university library the right to get the work published, either by microfilm or some other medium.


Check through the wording as required by your institution and confirm is there is in standard form. Several universities need one thing like: "I herewith declare that this submission is my very own work which, to the best of my information and belief, it contains no material antecedent printed or written by someone else nor material that has been accepted for the award of the degree or certificate of the university.

Title Page

This may differ among institutions, however just for an example: Title/author/“A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy within the Faculty of Science/The University of California”/date.

Literature Review

Where did the thesis question or issue come from? What's already has been discussed concerning this problem? What alternative strategies are tried to resolve it?

Ideally, you may have already worked hard on the subject, if you've got been maintaining with the literature as you vowed to try and do 3 years past, and if you've got created notes concerning necessary papers over the years. If you've got summarized those papers, then you've got some smart beginning points for the review.

Results and Discussion

The results and discussion are often provided in a short and crisp manner. It is wise as you will have many chapters of results and, if you wait until they're all bestowed before you start discussion, the reader may have forgotten what you're talking about.

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