The importance of PhD dissertation proposal should never be underestimated:

It is simply common knowledge that a PhD degree takes a lot of intelligence and hard work to obtain. If you have worked for and earned one yourself (job well done!), after all of the money, time, and effort you have used for however long a period of time, you want to make sure that you are getting back everything you can from your new PhD status. One easy way to reap instant benefits in your writing work?, Using it in your dissertation or thesis statements for your pieces of written work.

When someone is reading academic work, the higher the status or “intelligence” level, the more the reader is likely to listen to and absorb everything that you are saying. By taking your newly gained knowledge from your PhD courses, write your papers as if you were still in those classes. Even if the style is more casual, write to your highest potential (whatever that may be) to assure that your name is always associated with quality work (just like you deserve with a PhD).

In terms of integrating that your work is “PhD material”; you have to be careful with how you do that. It should never go ignored of the level of the sources for the statements you are making in your work, but at the same time, it should never be dwelled on or embellished. The thesis statement is the perfect place to mention the PhD roots of the written work, using simple phrases like “PhD knowledge” or “PhD tested” or “PhD informed” or something along those variations. Be careful not to push it or add the phrases of status just because you “can”, but always keep in mind that if there is an opening for use of your status, feel free to slip it in.

Be Sure To Cite Your Sources Clearly

Readers out there always like to know the validity of their sources when it comes to the information that they are reading, so it can never really hurt you when citing sources of that status. Just make sure you are always doing it in a tasteful, respectful (to both the reader and to yourself) way.

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