The 10 Best Nursing Dissertation Ideas For Students

Can’t think of an interesting enough topic for your nursing dissertation? Study the list of prompts below. At least one of these suggestions should give you some ideas that you will be able to turn into an excellent paper.

  1. Management issues in the care for newborns.
  2. Explain what issues does the newborn care system in your state has, including the information about the care facilities for the babies born prematurely. What kinds of management changes can solve these problems? How to prevent them from recurring?

  3. Prostate cancer patients’ treatment risks.
  4. Explain the methods and tools used for treating prostate cancer patients. What are their side-effects? What is the chance of recovery? How can proper nursing assist the patient during this difficult time? Can you suggest any positive changes?

  5. The social impact of AIDS.
  6. Choose a country you want to focus on as this will determine the extent of the influence this disease has on the minds and lives of people. For example, there are some countries in Africa where every fifth baby is born with AIDS. The impact of this disease in those regions is vastly different from the places where only 1% of the total population suffers from this condition.

  7. Public health approaches for cancer prevention.
  8. List the cancer prevention programs that exist in your area and offer some ideas on how to make them more effective. Hypothesize on how many lives can be saved if we manage to increase the public’s awareness of common cancer triggers.

  9. Alcoholism among teenagers.
  10. Identify the reasons that are responsible for the increased number of teenage alcoholics. Offer a list of social, legal, and medicinal programs that can help solve this problem and help the teens already affected by it.

  11. Community nursing as a method of healthy lifestyle promotion.
  12. How can community nurses help make the community healthier as a whole?

  13. Midwives’ assistance to pregnant women with the problems of substance abuse.
  14. How do midwives treat these women in general (offer some examples). Can these specialists help young mothers in some way? Can they help the children once they are born?

  15. Analysis of new healthcare policies.
  16. Study the most recent changes and innovations introduced by the Health Department. Will they be really helpful in the long run? What more beneficial strategies can you think of?

  17. A report on the costs of healthcare in any chosen country.
  18. Psychological influence of a nurse.

Explain how deep the connection between a nurse and patient should be. Is it ethical to use the power the position of the nurse provides to influence he patient’s mind in any way?

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