Theses writing guide: what to do after you finish

You have finally completed your thesis writing and you are ready to submit your work for review. But, you may not be done just yet as you should take a few moments to complete a few tasks that could make a difference in how your information is received by the reader. It can be helpful to get a few tips on what to do when you finish since many students have no clue what else should be done after writing their paper.

Proofread and Edit

You can edit and proofread your thesis on your own, with a colleague, or hire a professional editor. This step is important as it mistakes and errors need to be caught before your paper is read by your audience. A number of factors take place during this phase. Grammar, punctuation, and word usage is reviewed. Sentence and paragraph structure is reviewed to ensure details are easy to follow with logic meaning. The overall presentation from start to finish is improved and polished. Any areas that need clarity can be revised and rewritten as needed.

Review Guidelines

Your guidelines tell you what to do with your subject and how it should be done. If you were expected to format your paper a certain way, now is the time to double check your margins, spaces, title page, and other requirements. Sometimes students are required to detail certain aspects of their thesis with further explanation behind their concept. If you do not take time to review your guidelines you could leave out an important part that may lead to loss of points. You may think you have read over them enough in the beginning, but it only takes one mistake to lower your score.

Check Your Thesis and Supporting Details

Check overall details included in your thesis. Review your main idea and make sure it is sufficiently supported with supporting evidence. Check other areas of your paper including the introduction and conclusion. Do these areas provide enough information for readers to understand the topic and your overall message? You may find it helpful to have someone else read it and get their opinion on how you presented your subject. Do you have enough supporting details for your topic? Did you list references and sources as required? Taking a few moments to double check your material can make a positive difference.

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