A lot of the Work you do will not Make it into your Dissertation

Creating your dissertation for your PhD should be something that is easy to do, however it often proves a most difficult task. Prior to this, most of your graduate work has been a simple extension of previous education but with more depth and understanding. A dissertation is a learning project that is unique to itself and most likely has never been encountered before. Since there is going to be a lack of experience, it only makes sense that much of the information a student gathers to report in their dissertation will be left out. This has to be accepted by the student and seen as just a part of the process. This document is supposed to mark the advancement to being a scholar rather than being a student.

Working Independently can Lead to Excess Information

Dissertations are similar to writing a book, and it is done all independently, displaying a mastery over whatever topic the scholar is studying. It is not going to be something that is done on a tight schedule from an outside source. It is going to be completed on the schedule of a student. Because of this lack of hard and fast deadlines, many writers are continually collecting information they think might be useful. As the final deadline approaches the paper has to be honed down to fit a particular topic. Nuggets of information will have to be discarded in order to keep the focus of your dissertation on topic. This process may seem intimidating but it is a natural part of the educational process and thousands of people have completed it before.

Get Help with Paper

Sometimes the students who are seeking PhDs have been the most intelligent in all of their classes and have often offered help to others but never asked for help in finishing their own work. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. In fact is displays a sign of intelligence to realize that the help of another is the most efficient way to solve a current problem. When it comes to discarding information, the help of another often makes it crystal clear what needs to stay and what should go. This takes a leap of faith by the creator of the dissertation because it will be one of the most significant documents they ever create. Just the act of talking over the options with a colleague can clear your mind and bring you a fresh perspective.

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