Do my homework for free - is it a myth?

A myth is a story which has been passed down from generation to generation and no matter how interesting it is, it is simply not true. Homework is schoolwork which is done away from school and at home. The topic of this article questions whether you can find someone to do your homework for you without charge and asks the question, does such a person exists? Can anyone find someone to do their homework for them without charge? And if so, would they ever confess to this fact knowing they might be penalised or scare off their helper for any possible future homework assignments?

The only way a myth changes from being an untrue story to something which is a fact is for it to be disapproved. Is it possible that a student can have someone do their homework for them? Yes, of course it is. The only catch being that there is a fee or charge involved. It might, alternatively, be a bartering system. You do my homework and I'll do a task or chore for you. But this is not exactly free. Doing someone's homework for free implies that there is no cost or obligation on the person who receives the free homework.

A friend or family member

Of course parents may want their child to do well in their academic studies and, noticing that their child is struggling with their homework, step in and do the necessary tasks for the child. This of course debunks the theory that someone will do your homework for free. It is not a myth. It is a true story. But of course this begs the question, how does the child learn and develop with their academic studies if someone else is doing their homework for them?

The whole issue of homework is sometimes debated by people who argue that it is not necessary. Some even say that homework interrupts the academic growth of the student. Whether this is true or not, the fact is that millions of students are given homework assignments on a regular basis.

Some students thrive on this homework routine. Some struggle with it and others prefer to be outside playing and having nothing to do with the tasks set by their teacher. It is a thorny issue. But to any student, one fact is certain. Nobody got to achieve success in any area of life including education without some good old-fashioned hard work. In many cases homework represents hard work.

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