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Now that you have finally made it through the coursework portion of the doctoral program in which you are enrolled, you will finally be able to focus your attention on the composition of your individual dissertation project. At the conclusion of all doctoral programs, students are required to complete a dissertation project that will be the culminating event of their education efforts. There are many various elements that are required to be completed for the dissertation creation process. One of the most important aspects of the composition process of the dissertation project is the Literature Cited Section. This is a section where you are responsible for citing all of the sources that you used for support of your argument in your dissertation project. You are required to give credit to any and all literary sources that you used to gain information for your project. This is so that you are able to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

If you are accused of plagiarism you could potentially be punished with:

Many academic institutions have serious policies that are extremely strict in regards to the punishment for plagiarizing previously published works that were used to support an argument in a dissertation. The policies typically include punishment by being ejected by the program and even the institution entirely without a refund of the money that you have invested. The Literature Cited page does not have to be as difficult as some students make it out to be. There are specific requirements for the student to follow in regards to the format of the Literature Cited page. Depending on the program that you are enrolled in, the format of your specific Literature Cited page will vary. The format for dissertations varies from industry to industry. Where an English program might have one format, a science program will be in a totally different format. This is why it is important to pay attention to the specifics that are detailed by your advisor and professors. If you are still having difficulty with the formatting of the Literature Cited page, you are going to want to ask your advisor to see an example. This will help you to get a visual of what the format is required to look like. Different students have varying needs; therefore, you are going to want to protect yourself and your project’s integrity and ensure that you are creating the Literature Cited page in the most accurate way possible in order to give credit to the appropriate sources that you used in your project.

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