Business thesis: how to organize the writing process?

  1. Refine Your Thesis Statement
  2. The first thing you’ll want to do when organizing your writing process for your business thesis is to come up with a good central theme, thesis statement, and main idea. Be sure to follow your instructor’s requirements when choosing this, and run your ideas by him or her before continuing on. Of course, you determined your thesis statement before you began your research, but now that you’ve learned much more about the topic, it may be time to refine your statement somewhat.

  3. Create a Detailed Outline
  4. Once you’re completely satisfied with your thesis statement, it’s time to create a detailed outline. This will help you to write quickly and in an organized manner. Your outline should include an introduction, each section of the body of your thesis and your conclusion. For each part that your outline covers, you should introduce that idea, link it to your thesis, and support it with the material you’ve researched. You should also include a note about how you plan to transition to the next area.

  5. Plan Your Writing Sessions Wisely
  6. For each session, you’ll want to plan 45 minutes of writing with ten to fifteen minute breaks between writing sessions. Using a timer, like a stopwatch, smart phone app, or kitchen timer can help. Forty five minutes has been shown to be the most productive block of time for continuous writing. It’s also a very good idea to write in the morning, if possible, as most people do their highest quality writing during that time.

  7. Gather Materials for Each Session in Advance
  8. For each session during which you plan to write, you’ll want to get together all of the source material and references you require for that session. This will help you to stay organized and focused. If you have everything ahead of time you’re less likely to get distracted or frustrated in the process of searching for it.

  9. Have a Friend Proofread for You
  10. People are much less likely to find their own spelling and grammar mistakes. There are two reasons for this. First, there are sincere mistakes you may make habitually. You wouldn’t recognize these mistakes if you reread your paper, because you don’t realize they’re mistakes at all. The second reason is because when you reread your own writing, you’re likely to internally “correct” typos and recognizable mistakes without consciously noticing them.

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