Vital Dissertation Prompts: Managing Your Time

Set out a plan of everything that you need to do. Having an audit structure the way that you wish to do things can make things a lot simpler. If you know what you meant to do when you’re meant to do it will only can it help to increase your motivation, but it can make tasks feel a lot easier too. Breaking down each section of your dissertation into manageable elements will allow you to also know how much time you should provide each section. Ultimately, it can be very difficult to have a successful dissertation written without a decent amount of organization, which means managing your time effectively leads to the best results. On a very basic level, you need to consider three basic elements to writing your dissertation:

Break these down further into smaller sections that needed to be completed, such as: types of research, first draft and any extra drafts, finalizing and perfecting the work etc. You can then use these different to develop a more thorough plan how you are going to manage your time.

Consider factors that may affect your ability to carry out the work when putting together a plan For example, for part of your research, if you need to carry out interviews or something that relies on someone else, be aware that you may need to fit to their schedule. Factor this, or anything else that you can’t necessarily control, into your plan for managing your time. If you have allowed for any such unforeseen factors to affect your work, then it doesn’t necessarily need to be such a disaster if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Avoid the temptation to underestimate the work required

It can be tempting to underestimate how long something may take. Be sure that you are being honest with yourself when setting out a plan to manage your time. Avoid the temptation to think you can get something completed quicker than you can – it is better to allow more time than to run out. Simple things, like including time for breaks, should be considered; ultimately, you will be less productive if you burn yourself out. If you consistently underestimate how long you should allow to complete various aspects of the work, then it can build up. As the deadline approaches, you can find yourself with too much work to be done in order to complete the work, or at least finish it to a satisfactory standard.

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