Useful Dissertation Tips: Proofreading And Editing

Your dissertation is the culmination of your academic career. You have spent years in educational institutions and learning environments to arrive at a position to be able to present your views to a committee. You have studied, researched, reviewed, and examined all the materials available in your chosen field.

The time has come for you to present your logical opinions in a dissertation. In order to get a passing grade, your dissertation must be top notch. The ability to read from beginning to end is crucial, and your proofreading and editing skills need to be honed to perfection so that your finished product is one of the best.

A few pointers

When you are done writing your dissertation, proofreading and ending is the final step. It is difficult to edit your own work product, but most times we cannot afford the luxury of having another individual look at our paper. When you edit your work, separate the actual writing from the proofreading, give yourself time in-between the tasks.

This will enable you to read your paper without being overcome by your knowledge of the topic. Also, when proofreading, go line by line, and start somewhere other than the beginning. Finally allow yourself multiple reads, do not look for every error at the same time. Here are some things to look for:

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