How To Write Good Master's Dissertation Abstracts: A Basic Manual

A master’s thesis is an important academic paper that you will complete for your university. You will have a ton of questions regarding the research methods, topic selection, structure, format and smaller sections in your paper. Usually it is easier to write the major sections in your paper because you have the basic guidelines from your professor. They pass careful instructions so that the students can understand their preferences and follow them to achieve a good grade. However, smaller sections in your paper might be ignored because they are same for every kind of paper and teachers expect you to know the requirements.

If you are having a hard time in understanding the abstract or acknowledgement section in your master’s dissertation, then you need to confirm from your teacher. If your teacher is not accessible then you need to ask your supervisor to help you. If you think this is not going to work, you can simply read this article until the end to identify the purpose of each sentence in your abstract and write it accurately

The sub headings below are for each sentence in your abstract and you can use them to write an excellent abstract for your dissertation

  1. Present your topic
  2. The first sentence in your abstract, aims to present the entire scope of your work and the topic to your readers. They need to understand what your paper is about in a precise and clear manner.

  3. Explain your research question
  4. The second sentence in your abstract will show your research question and prompt. You need to show this prompt to your readers. It is important to keep your target audience in mind while writing this sentence. If you were writing it for your professors, then they would already understand some terms and will not need any background information

  5. Highlight the gap in other papers
  6. In the third sentence of your abstract, you need to show the result of your literature review. In simple words, this means that why your research is better than the others already published on this subject. You should be able to highlight the gap in other paper at this point

  7. Explain how you will address the question
  8. This is meant to show your originality in tackling the gap

  9. Explain your research methods
  10. The importance of your research

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