Business Term Paper Topics to Stay Away From

When you are choosing a business term paper topic, you want to narrow down the topic and have some type of base knowledge about the subject in order to cover it correctly. As you evaluate your own experience and knowledge, you’ll want to know what topics to avoid as well. Using the wrong topic can be just as damaging as choosing a topic that you will have to do way too much research on or have too general of a field to cover, thus making your entire paper seem endless and boring. Some of the topics to stay away from are listed below.

  1. How do farmers and their farms contribute to the economy but hurt the environment. Now, talking about the economy and how farmers contribute could be a good research paper topic. Criticizing one of the steadiest economic drives our country has wouldn’t be the best topic to add length to your paper. Any type of business that adds to the country’s independence from importing is going to be a sore topic for some. Taking the chance that the person grading your paper isn’t going to be offended by this may be a bad decision.
  2. Anything on the economic crisis. Everyone knows that it is there and probably one out of every ten business students has written a business term paper that starts out blaming the economic crisis. Yes, the topic is there and the research materials are plentiful, but do you really want to be lumped in with every other business student or do you want to stand out of the crowd as someone with a new way of thinking? Avoiding this topic will at least keep you out of the vast majority of students and make you stand out a bit as a free thinker with new ideas to contribute to the business world.
  3. Religion. While there are many ways that the business world is affected by religion, again, you are going to be taking a chance that the person grading your paper won’t be offended by it. People can get extremely testy and emotional when religion is brought up, no matter which stance you take on it. The best option here is to leave it out and stick to something strictly factual. If you decide to do a business term paper on something that has to do with religion, make sure that you take a stance that can be based on facts alone.

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