A PhD Dissertation Cannot be Written in a Month:

PhD dissertation is the most important thing in degree completion. It is all that you doctoral is about. Some people underestimate the importance and work of PhD dissertation. They think that they can do the work of two or three years in just a month. Well, that is not true at all. If there is some PhD dissertation which is claimed to be completed in one month, be sure that it is full of plagiarism and it is all copied from internet. So don’t get easy with your PhD dissertation at all. You must start working on it as soon as your topic gets approved. There are some basic purposes behind PhD thesis.

Real research:

PhD dissertation does not mean that you are just going to get a degree in exchange with your work. It is a real research which has to be done with the attitude of a researcher. If you do not have the true motivation behind your thesis work of doctorate then it is useless. Being a whole research, this work extends in years and is completed for a purpose whether academic, social or else. It is never supposed to be finished in a month. And also even if you start just writing it constantly, you still cannot finish it in a month. How do you suppose that you will finish it in a month?


PhD dissertation is meant to be a contribution in the relevant field of research and work. Your thesis should make a difference. In order to make some difference, it must contain original work and hard work. How can you even imagine completing such a long and extensive in just a month? It needs complete focus and a lot of time.


PhD means a field full of knowledge and motivation. It is not just a degree fulfillment but a contribution to knowledge and practice in the field you are doing research in.

Quality work:

The work of your PhD thesis is a quality work. It is not just to be copied from the internet and put in the form of a thesis with slight change. It must be genuine.

So if you are relying on the period of a month to do your PhD dissertation, you are completely wrong and strayed. PhD dissertation requires long quality time and work for its completion. However, don't let yourself struggle for too long. Order dissertation help online and leave stressful times behind.

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