Why You Should Not Trust Online Thesis Writing Services

What is a Thesis?

A thesis or dissertation is a document that is prepared by students during the completion of advanced degrees. Theses are usually written by students pursuing masters' and doctoral degrees. These higher degrees tend to have a much greater emphasis on research and experimentation which needs to be documented and presented in a well structured manner.

There are several standards and conventions when it comes to writing theses. These conventions vary depending on the field in which the research was conducted, the university or institution which requires the thesis and the country where the thesis must be accepted. A well rounded thesis takes into account all these considerations.

Online Thesis Writing Services

Needless to say, writing a thesis is no mere task. It is a very time consuming and nerve wracking process that needs to be completed within a well defined time-frame. In addition to drafting the thesis, the student also needs to conduct the proper research while working on the original idea that forms the basis for the entire research project of which the thesis is only a single element.

Due to such pressures, students often think of utilizing the services of a company or professional group that markets itself as a thesis writing service. These services claim to be able to deliver the best possible thesis in the shortest possible time-frame while still maintaining quality. Rates are usually calculated on a per page basis and a student can find several deals that look promising to an inexperienced person.

Pitfalls of Online Thesis Writing Services

The biggest problem with thesis writing services is that they do not have as much invested in the thesis as the student. To a thesis writing service, a thesis is just a paycheck that needs to be written "well enough". This problem is magnified when online thesis writing services are evaluated using the same criteria. An online thesis writing service may seem preferable because of the extremely low rates charged, but it should be noted that services charging such low rates are only able to do so because they outsource the writing to offshore writers. English is always a second language for these writers and this fact is clearly displayed in all the content that they come up with.

Offshore writers also have difficulty understanding and implementing the rigid standards that a thesis needs to adhere to. To top it off, there is no way to reliably ascertain the qualifications of an online writer.

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