Who Can Help you Complete a PhD thesis?

Those that understand the stress and anxiety of staring down a PhD thesis deadline are few and far between. Even those doctoral candidates which don’t face a hard and fast deadline frequently face the end of their funding fast approaching, or simply take note of their own dwindling motivation and fear that they won’t complete this important assignment. Their frantic reaction to the fear of failure typically sets them back even more, draining their motivation and making it even less likely that they’ll complete their thesis.

Don’t Lose Hope-Seek Help

Many believe that the most challenging aspect of a PhD thesis is the fact that it is such a solitary project. It’s also the most ambitious project students will undertake during their academic career. These two factors combine can exacerbate a sense of hopelessness, especially if the student feels there’s nowhere to turn. Fortunately, there are many different avenues available for those who want to finish their dissertation and simply need help.

Identify the Help You Need

Seeking help typically means first identifying the problem and then figuring out what type of assistance is appropriate. For students whose main problem is disorganization, hiring an assistant can be a great strategy for getting back on track. And in fact, one may not need to even pay an assistant to help out. Speak with your department head or place an ad in a campus print or online publication. You may find that there’s an undergrad student or two that can help in basic ways simply to have the experience of working on a research project of this caliber. Be careful not to take advantage of such students, of course, and give them clear tasks which they can complete in a timely manner.

If it’s writing you’re stalled on, consider hiring a writing service. While you may only be familiar with those that write theses for students, understand that you can request any level of help you need. You could even simply hire a writer to review your research and compose a sample outline of the work. Or, you can hire an academic editor to read your stalled rough draft as it is right now and work with you on finding direction. These services may not be cheap, but they’re worth the money if you can afford them and they help to jumpstart your progress toward completing your thesis.

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