PhD Dissertation Writing Is Extremely Complex

What is required in a dissertation? What are the expectations? What do you stand to lose if your dissertation is not up to par? You may be asking these questions, and more. The dissertation is the crowning jewel on all the research that goes into the requirements for obtaining a doctoral degree.

Definition of a PhD dissertation

A dissertation is a document written by a PhD candidate that is required as part of the process of awarding an academic degree. The dissertation is a representation of the author’s research, findings and conclusion.

Process of writing a dissertation

1) Choose a topic, determine the central question; then formulate a clear objective which answers the question.

2) Gather and organize all the sources you want to use. Research, research, research! Don’t leave any stones unturned.

3) Lay out a structure – outline if you will- for your dissertation. Include the following constituents:

There are quite a few parts to the dissertation, and each part may take shorter or longer, depending on how fast you want to work. But for most students the research is a very time-consuming task. Gathering all your notes and thoughts together also takes a considerable amount of time.

A dissertation is not one small essay. It’s more like a book. They can be several hundred pages long or even more. Starting with the right topic can make all the difference in keeping your interest level up and your motivation level high. It can take a number of years to complete all the work that goes into writing a dissertation.

You have a lot to lose if you don’t finish your dissertation. You have already invested so much into it, there’s no reason to quit now. Divide your work up into smaller-sized chunks, so it doesn’t look so intimidating. Next, decide to do at least one thing per day until it is finished.

This is not the time to procrastinate. If you take it seriously and realize that you need to buckle down and get some work done, then maybe you will have a successful dissertation. If you have been working hard but realize that you need help, don’t be ashamed to ask. Your academic advisor or professor can help. An online writing service can help. Perhaps you have friends or colleagues that can help keep you motivated.

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