Ideas to include in your undergraduate thesis introduction

Before you read a book, you read the title and the prologue to get an insight of what you are about to read. You watch a trailer before watching a movie to have an idea if you will be interested in the book. These are introductions that convince whether the item is worth your time.

An introduction to your undergraduate thesis is imperative to make your entire thesis influential and worthwhile. Your reader, namely your professor, has to be gripped with your introduction if you want him or her to want to read your paper with enthusiasm.

Include these items in your introduction:

  1. An engaging first sentence. Do not begin with a question or any other cliché. If it is hard to find an engaging first sentence, try a epigraph or quote.
  2. A sentence with meaning that informs your reader what the paper is about. An extremely brief statement about what the thesis will encompass. Make this statement brief, so that the presiding sentences are not redundant.
  3. Why your thesis is being written, what you will explore that your source, or sources, did not.
  4. A brief summary and acknowledgment to what your sources wrote on the related topic. This is important so that your reader (professor) knows what you learned from your research.
  5. Only relevant statements to your thesis, nothing that is off topic or unnecessary to mention.
  6. An obvious distinction between what the previous sources have contributed and what you are contributing to the topic.
  7. Something new has to be contributed to the topic. Do not simply repeat someone or some other source’s idea. Make sure that you are being original.
  8. A brief insight to what your thesis contains, similar to your abstract, but not as detailed.
  9. High vocabulary. Avoid using a word repeatedly in the same paragraph that is your introduction.
  10. A final sentence that transitions into the rest of your thesis

It can be guaranteed with thesis items and elements in your introduction of your thesis will result in a strong and gripping introduction. With a gripping introduction your thesis will be a piece of text that will be read with more enthusiasm. If your professor is enthusiastic and looking forward to reading your thesis, its grade and reception will reflect your professor’s positivity towards the thesis.

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