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As students move through their education experience, a few are fortunate to get to the point of going for their PhD. In order to achieve a doctorates degree, students have to complete a dissertation in which they choose a subject that a project is performed on. The project is recorded and the results are analyzed intently and the results of all of this are reported within the pages of the dissertation. This is the pinnacle of the academic studies and allows for a person to stop being a student and become a scholar. The problem with the dissertation is that there are specific things that have to be a part of it. A literature review is a part of this process.

Follow the Steps

There is no quicker way to throw your dissertation of track than to create a poor literature review. The good literature review begins with an introduction and discussion of the reasons for the review and many of the things that are going to make the review worthwhile read. The literature review is often created at the beginning of your document in order to let any who read all of the information that was known before you started. This can be a daunting and time consuming task. It is of course necessary to describe the known so that you can be sure to explain what your dissertation will contribute to the field and add to the base of knowledge that already exists.

Choices of Process

The author has several options as to how to begin the literature review. Many choose to start broadly. This means that a wide overview of the topic would be addressed and recognized. If you were covering the topic of leadership roles of women in America, it would include a broad and generalized recap of women who have played a significant leadership role in America. Then as you write and continue, it can be narrowed down, to what the leadership roles of women have been in politics or science or society, depending of the purpose of your thesis.

Important Message

It is vitally important the PhD thesis dissertation provides a value and an education to the community at large. Writing a complete and informative dissertation is going to allow your work to make improvements in your field of study and to contribute to the world in general. This is the most important educational document that you will ever work on and it will stand through time representing your intellect and value as a professional. Make sure it is good.

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