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One frustrating part of academic paper writing is finding reliable resources to use for your assignment. Although the Internet has made it easier to find information on demand, it has also made it more difficult to assess whether or not a source is reliable. If you find an online resource and wish to use it for your research project, you need to be careful about whether or not the content is actually from a reliable source. Determining if the source that the online article came from is reliable can also be difficult to do because of the mass amount of media that can be found online. As the researcher it is up to you to make sure that the sources that you use are trustworthy. This is especially important if you were hoping to get a good grade on the assignment.

Most of the time the best practice is to actually stay away from Internet information or Internet information that does not at least cite an author source. Even if the info that is included in the article is proven to be true, it is nearly impossible to validate information that does not come with an actual writing author.

If there is an author name present on an online resource, you still have to verify the source by doing some further research on the author specifically.

What To Look For When Verifying An Author Source

In order to assess whether or not a writer is authentic and reliable check their profile to make sure that they have legitimate credentials to be cited as an expert source on the topic that you are researching by;

It may feel as if this is a lot of extra work just to use an online source, however you never be to careful and you would hate to get a low evaluation because your sources were not correct. If the author does not have a direct way to confirm their credentials then it is best to look for an alternative source. If the writer is citing another individual’s research, investigate that source and use them instead.

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